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Saturday, January 19, 2008

#110 - Making Political History

This morning, I attended the first-ever Nevada caucus. (This photo is me with my precinct's manager.) It was an interesting process, held instead of a primary election, and I had done some homework on how the Democrat and Republican processes were different for their events today. The Democratic caucus was supposed to involve a bunch of crazy math to elect a certain number of delegates from my precinct to attend the county convention in February... but it turns out that my precinct is so small (only 40 registered voters!) that we were strictly a winner-takes-all precinct with one delegate to elect. But I was proud of our small-but-mighty precinct, with 22 of 40 people showing up today! I was happy to hear that the candidate I went to support - Obama, in case you haven't read this blog in a few days - won my precinct, and in fact won my county with slightly over 50% of the Democratic support, even though he didn't ultimately win the state.
This photo is some of the giant mob of people at my caucus location, a high school near my house. I did see one couple I knew (the wife works at my organization) but otherwise it was a sea of strangers everywhere. There was something like 19 different precincts all at the same location, so it was extra-full of people.

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