One New Thing Every Day

From the day I turned 29, I tried to do one new thing a day... it took a few extra months, but I did it! Now I'll post new things randomly as I try them.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

#238 - Water Balloons

Our daycare held their annual picnic in Manzanita Park today, so the little guy and I attended - and we got to try out some water balloons! Ours was (I believe) the last unpopped balloon, because TLG didn't really understand the concept and he kept handing it back to me instead of throwing it. Finally it sprung a tiny leak and I got to chase him around the park, giving him a "shower" (even though he wasn't really getting very wet). We also enjoyed a yummy lunch, fun company, and Otter Pops together. It was a nice afternoon in the park for both of us.

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