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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

#148 - Pleasure Cruise

Our little guy had his follow-up appointment in Sacramento today to see how he's healing from his recent surgery. Before I even woke up this morning, my dad called to tell us he heard on the radio that there was an accident blocking one lane of I-80 (the major freeway between here and there). We decided to go that way regardless, since the website confirmed that only one lane was closed. We did leave plenty early for the afternoon appointment, and thank goodness, because I-80 was closed at the top of the summit and we were forced to take Highway 20 towards Sacramento. It's a pretty drive, but not one I would ever recommend if you're in a hurry to get anywhere. The two-lane road through the forest was especially nice, but when you have a cranky kid who's wearing a catheter plus a cranky mommy who's anxious to get somewhere, it's just stressful all the way around.

I've only ever been forced to take a detour on I-80 once before, and it was headed east back towards Reno. Maybe someday when we just want a nice drive, we'll try this one again. With all the extra traffic, it did add some extra time to our trip (enough that we missed lunch with Grammy - sorry again!)

But the good news is, TLG's appointment went superbly and unless he somehow manages to damage the work that's been done, this part of the repairs is complete (hallelujah!). We have another appointment scheduled in six months to talk about the next stage, but we're focusing on the good news for now. If you have questions, loyal reader, just ask.

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