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Thursday, December 10, 2009

#411 - TLG's Musical Performance

This afternoon, The Little Guy and the other older preschoolers and kindergarteners sang six Christmas carols at the community college President's Christmas party. We, of course, videotaped the entire thing, as well as taking photos! All the kids wore the adorable antlers they made (as seen in the photo). We've been practicing the words to all six songs at home for about a week:
- Rudolph
- Jingle Bells
- Kwanzaa's Here
- Hanukkah
- This Little Light of Mine
- We Wish You a Happy Holidays
TLG knew all the words very well, despite being one of the younger kids in this crowd. They positioned him in front of the microphones, but after the second song he switched places with the kid next to him. (Why? You'd have to ask him, I have no idea.) He did great! I was definitely a proud parent today.

When the President's Party was over, we retreated to the daycare for their Christmas party, where TLG made an ornament for our tree and the kids gave a repeat performance of their songs, helped with the younger preschoolers too. Oh yeah, my wonderful hubby and I also played trombone duets, but that was mostly just background noise. Ha!

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