One New Thing Every Day

From the day I turned 29, I tried to do one new thing a day... it took a few extra months, but I did it! Now I'll post new things randomly as I try them.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

#416 - Roller Skates

This afternoon, I helped TLG try out his new roller skates in our backyard. There are some great photos of this that I will try to post here after our main computer is up and running again. We strapped TLG into his bike helmet and knee pads and I got behind him to hold under his arms when we first got started... but that meant holding most of his weight as he leaned back onto me. Once I got in front of him, holding his hands, he was able to walk a little - but having wheels on your feet inevitably means falling down. He did eventually fall, which was about enough for this adventure today. These skates are the kind you put on over your shoes, and once he graduates to the next size shoe they won't fit anymore, so I hope he doesn't grow too much before the snow thaws. I have a pair of roller blades and I hope we can skate together!

Friday, December 25, 2009

#415 - Christmas New Things

Merry Christmas! The Little Guy got lots of great new things I'm excited to share with him in the coming days. Today's new things included a scooter and a jump rope. The scooter seemed like no big deal, he just hopped on and figured it out, no problem. But he's never tried a jump rope before, so I got to teach TLG how to use a jump rope. Of course it's been years since I jumped rope myself, and the kid-sized one he got was a little small for me, but after trying (with no success) to explain how it works, I finally just borrowed the rope and showed him. He's not a pro yet, in fact he got bored and a little frustrated after just a few times around. But I think when the weather warms up and he gets the hang of it better, he'll really enjoy this activity.

Monday, December 14, 2009

#414 - Mango Madness

This past weekend at the grocery store, TLG pointed at a fruit display and asked, "What are those, Mommy?" I had to look at the sign before I knew for sure those funny greenish fruits were mangoes. Shows you how much experience I have with them, right? How did I grow up in California and not learn how to pick a good mango, much less prepare it for eating?!? So we bought two mangoes and I pledged to figure out how to eat them. After a quick call to my fabulous brother-in-law, who explained they are much like an avocado (in that you have to cut out the large seed in the middle, and you don't eat the skin), we were ready to try it. Tonight I took a sharp steak knife and went to town - the mango we chose was soft and once I cut it into quarters around the seed, I was able to peel the skin off by hand. Then it was just a matter of cutting off the seed and into pieces for eating. It was delicious and now that I know how easy it is, we'll need to add this fruit to our repertoire.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

#413 - Kid Party

Last year, for The Little Guy's birthday, we rented a bounce house place and had a huge party (jointly with another family). This year we decided to go more low-key: we invited TLG's friends from daycare to our house for a birthday party. Two families joined us for lunch, cake, and a pinata (which all the boys loved!) We decorated the house with balloons, streamers, and Hot Wheels stuff everywhere - which was a little overwhelming with all the Christmas decorations already out - but hey, if you're going to have a party, you need to go all out! I don't know for sure if the snow kept some other families away - we sent out a bunch of invitations that people did not let us know if they were coming or not... next time I will know to follow-up with the parents when I run into them or daycare or something! One thing is certain: TLG had a fabulous time showing off his toys to his friends, and got a huge kick out of the pinata. It was definitely a great birthday!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

#412 - Snowed-Out Birthday

Since TLG was born in December a few years ago, we have had good luck with the weather on his birthday weekend, allowing some family members to drive to us (or us to drive to them!) for a family birthday party. 'Twas not to be this year: despite all our planning, Mother Nature forced us to cancel our big family birthday plans for TLG's party today. While I was disappointed, TLG still had a terrific (albeit smaller) family party. We spent the morning playing in the snow at our house, shoveling pathways for our dogs. TLG actually really enjoys shoveling, or at least dragging the shovel around the yard. Then we made time for grocery shopping, not really a fun birthday activity but a necessity! After a quick lunch and nap, we met Grandma and Grandpa at the bowling alley. (Grandma and Grandpa couldn't really remember when they'd been bowling last, but guessed it was over 30 years ago. It was good to see them in action!) TLG and his dad played a game of air hockey (shown) and then it was home for presents, taco salads, and cake. We had a very nice day celebrating TLG and didn't let the weather get us down too much. Happy birthday, TLG!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

#411 - TLG's Musical Performance

This afternoon, The Little Guy and the other older preschoolers and kindergarteners sang six Christmas carols at the community college President's Christmas party. We, of course, videotaped the entire thing, as well as taking photos! All the kids wore the adorable antlers they made (as seen in the photo). We've been practicing the words to all six songs at home for about a week:
- Rudolph
- Jingle Bells
- Kwanzaa's Here
- Hanukkah
- This Little Light of Mine
- We Wish You a Happy Holidays
TLG knew all the words very well, despite being one of the younger kids in this crowd. They positioned him in front of the microphones, but after the second song he switched places with the kid next to him. (Why? You'd have to ask him, I have no idea.) He did great! I was definitely a proud parent today.

When the President's Party was over, we retreated to the daycare for their Christmas party, where TLG made an ornament for our tree and the kids gave a repeat performance of their songs, helped with the younger preschoolers too. Oh yeah, my wonderful hubby and I also played trombone duets, but that was mostly just background noise. Ha!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

#410 - Guitar Karma

About six weeks ago, I sent a box of books and a digital metronome to a soldier overseas who had requested some beginning guitar instruction books. He e-mailed me to say thanks, and since then I've learned a little about him - including that he's been checking out a shared guitar at his base and teaching himself to play for only two months. Today, while attending a board meeting in North Carolina, my fellow board members gave me four guitar instruction books to send this soldier, and tentatively gave me a guitar to ship him later. The music and instruments are part of Sigma Alpha Iota's People-to-People project, which ships these materials to people who need them all over the world. (I just need to get approval from the project director on the guitar part.) I can hardly wait to see the e-mail from this soldier once he receives the instruction books - I told him about them in an e-mail as soon as I had them in my suitcase to bring home.