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Monday, December 17, 2007

#79 - A Fortune for the Taking?

Today's mail brought a Christmas Card with this crazy number of stamps on it. I've never seen most of these stamps before, and I wondered if some of them were old enough to be worth anything besides what was written on them. So I did some internet research on collecting stamps. Of course I'd seen the Navajo jewelry stamps before, since they are modern. But I found a great website called Arago, which is part of the National Postal Museum, to help me look up the other stamps. As it turns out, the blue "Champion of Liberty" 4-cent stamps were issued in 1958 and were part of a series honoring some of the world's leaders (these feature the President of Czechoslovakia). The black-and-red International Geophysical Year stamps were issued in May 1958 to commemorate the launching of satellites from mid-1957 through 1958. The 3-cent magenta Polio stamps were released January 15, 1957, and the green International Naval Review stamp was released June 10, 1957. Are they worth anything? I guess it depends on who wants them... but I think they're really cool regardless.
UPDATE: The friend who sent this card saw my post and sent me the story behind them, and said it was OK to share it here. She says: These stamps were collected by me as a kid. They are not worth anything except face value. At the time, the PO mistress lived across the street from us at our summer home in the Catskills and she saved some of these stamps for me. I came across the book when I was cleaning out my basement and was told to use them as they had little value. So, I decided to use them on my Christmas cards this year. I know several people will laugh at this, but it took me a long time to add them up and paste them on envelopes. Now they are all used up.

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